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Blogging may seem easy in first instant, just write. But blogging takes a huge toll on creative capacities of a person, especially if you not focused on your niche subject yet. Random ideas seem a good idea, but as your post increase, you may start realize a shortage of ideas or will have to rely on current agendas for progressing posts. Also, Random posts cannot utilize SEO techniques, as keyword analysis (Very important if you want your site to appear in search engines) do not work out as intended. Substantial information posts on a simple subject attract search engines faster. Selecting a niche subject may seem hard; you need to know something very
well to blog about it.

Start with a hobby: What do you like to do in spare time? Listen music, watching sports or maybe reading. You could then post music/movie/book reviews. Reviews are always appreciated, especially if you are reviewing some rare or different thing. You may ponder about blogging about some of your collections like photos, stamps, etc. Blogging about hobbies
makes a good blog, as you can passionately describe your interests.
Spoiler: There are lots of blogs in blogosphere who regularly post their interests, make sure you post something unique. Blogging about the common subjects may get your blog nowhere.

Occupation: Your current occupation or field may give birth to a good blog. After all, you have been working on your occupation for some time & clearly have much knowledge about it. If you are in a specialized profession as architecture, teaching or running a business, you can give
valuable suggestions based on your experience. You can also blog about the new developments in your field or your view about the current systems.
Spoiler: If you are working in a company, it is not advisable to blog about your companys details or technological knowledge. You will face the prospect of losing your job or your blog banned.

Personal blogging: Most of blogs of blogosphere are personal blogs, from teenagers to housewives; people from every walk of life have a personal blog. This is a common format blog where bloggers blog about their days experience.
Warning: Start this blog only if you have a very profile life with adventures waiting every corner. If you are going to write how average your life is, then you may find very less visitors on your blog.
Spoiler: While blogging on a personal blog, people tend to criticize someone they dont really like for.e.g. Boss, coworkers, neighbours, etc. While insulting someone on blog, please remember that they might be reading your blog. Be careful with your words.

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Should I Blog??

Blogging has become the hottest technology on the globe, attracting thousands of newbies to blog on their chosen subject. Yesterday I met my friend on my way home. After our usual talk, she suddenly asked me “Should I blog?”
I said why not?
Blogging gives us the platform to express our deepest thoughts, aspirations & moments. Face it, every person faces some special moments or unique knowledge, blogging gives a perfect opportunity to convey it. Freedom of speech is the greatest advantage blogging offers. You can write, post picture, videos free of cost, express your views on current
scenario or jot anything you want to tell the world. My friend Carol was an amateur photographer until she stumbled upon blogging. Now she posts her photos worldwide & receives accolades from bloggers around the globe.
If you have any special talent, interest, memories or just want to voice your opinions, then you should definitely blog. A blog also serves as good diary or journal. You can use a blog to record your life’s happening events like activities, family events, extra curricular activities, hobbies, parties, birthdays, etc.
In short,
If you like or are committed to writing.
If you can whip up some humorous, informative or thought provoking content.
If you want to archive life’s moments.
Then you should start blogging now!
If you think of writing as a chore.
If you like to rant or complain on about life’s misfortunes.
Then don’t think of starting a blog!

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Blogging Defined

Blogs often provide commentary or news and information on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. -Wikipedia

In simple language, a blog or weblog is a page where you can jot down your thoughts or ideas in a chronological order. Blog can contain written text, pictures or video.Some blogs provide unique content, generally not available on internet.

Every blog has a basic format:
  1. Posts: These are the text entries made in the blog. Every post has a date of publication & generally a title.
  2. About: An introduction of the blogger.
  3. Archives: A collection of the past posts posted in the blog.
  4. Link: A link is a URL of other sites. Link is used to connect to other blogs. (We will define links more deeply in future posts)
  5. Categories: Categories are the virtual folders in which posts can be classified according to the subject of the post.
  6. Comments: A comment is a space where a blog visitor may post his views about the written blog post.

This is the basic structure of a blog. Some blogs may contain more aspects such as counters, Search engines, etc.Blogs can be created for every subject. There are no guidelines for a blog, a blog on any subject can be started & maintained. These are the common blog types:

  1. Political blogs,
  2. Technology blogs,
  3. Travel blogs,
  4. personal blogs,
  5. Sports blogs,
  6. Entertainment blogs,
  7. Business blogs,
  8. Science blogs, etc.

There are millions of blogs under these categories & there are many blogs outside the criteria of these blogs. Advancing technology has given birth to more blogging mediums as Photoblog (Exclusively for posting photos), Vlogs (Video blogs), moblog(Blogging from mobile or PDA), Link logs( A blog for placing interesting links), etc.

If you haven’t started blogging yet, it is a good time to start now!

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